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Ex-USC assistant women’s soccer coach pleads guilty in college scandal

  • Janke is one of 50 people charged in the breathtaking scheme, in which wealthy parents allegedly paid bribes to admitted mastermind William ” Rick” Singer to have their children falsely presented as athletic recruits at top schools, or to facilitate cheating on the children’s SAT and ACT exams.
  • Assistant US Attorney Eric S. Rosen said Janke created fake athletic profiles for the children of Singer’s clients.
  • Singer, in exchange for Janke’s efforts, funneled money into the account of a private soccer club controlled by Janke and a co-defendant, Rosen said.
  • Court records indicate that Janke helped Loughlin’s younger daughter get admitted to USC as a phony crew team recruit.
  • Soon after, Singer caused a purported charitable organization he established, the Key Worldwide Foundation (KWF), to wire $50,000 to a private soccer club controlled by Janke and a second defendant, according to prosecutors.

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