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Credit: Goolfm

Remember when a hat trick was the epitome of superb performance on the pitch? Me neither. This weekend we watched Mo Salah destroy Watford in the Premier League, scoring 4 goals and assisting on a 5th in the 5-0 trouncing at Anfield. It was a brilliant performance for what almost seemed routine for Salah as he traveled the pitch with ease and scored at will. Not to be outdone however, everyone’s favorite (to love or hate) juggernaut, Cristiano Ronaldo went ahead and put up 4 goals of his own in a match against Girona the very next day. Both of these athletes have been must watch TV for much of the year and things only continue to heat up as we approach the conclusion of many of this years tournaments. Although Cristiano has scored double to goals Salah has in the Champions League (12-6) it is Salah who has a resounding 28 goals to lead the Premiere League compared to Ronaldo’s 22 for 2nd in La Liga (Messi). Although both athletes are exceptional, it is not only their physical abilities that stand out, but their abilities to re-write history 1 goal at a time.

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